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Frequently Asked Questions

Whether it’s a newly established lawn, or one with some years on it, large areas of bare soil present some unsightly and messy problems that can be remedied with a healthy lawn. While turfgrass sod has no equal in providing an “instant lawn,” the rising cost and increasing concern for availability of water raises a number of questions regarding different ways to establish or renovate a turfgrass lawn.
Q: What type of turf is available?
We offer: Emerald Zoysia, Meyer Zoysia, Tif Bermuda 419, Centipede, and Fescue. St. Augustine is coming in fall 2017.
Q: What sizes are available for sod?
A: Sod comes in 16x24” slabs, delivered in 2 different square footage pallets:
Centipede and Tif Bermuda 419 come in 504 sq. ft. per pallet
Zoysias come in 450 sq. ft. per pallet
Also, ask about custom sizes!
Q: How big is a roll of sod?
A: Small Roll: 2 ft. x 4 ft./ 8 sq. ft. per roll/480 sq. ft. per pallet;
Big Roll: 42” wide x specified lengths (cut in sizes of 200, 250 and 300 sq. ft./roll)
Q: Do I need to call ahead to pick-up sod?
A: Yes. Since sod is a perishable item, we cut to order, so it’s important to give at least a 24-hour notice when ordering sod.
Q: Do you do sod installation?
A: The Grass Company does not offer installation services. However, we do deliver (call for delivery quotes) and would be happy to refer you to one of our recommended landscapers that provide installation services in your area.
Q: Are there major differences in preparing a yard for sod or seed?
A: Most experts agree that soil preparation is a major factor in the success of a lawn, whether it’s seeded or sodded. Basically, there are no significant differences in preparing the area. These would include tilling the soil to a depth of 4” to 6”, removing any debris, rocks, etc., and having the soil tested. As called for by the soil and tests, incorporate the nutrients and other amendments. Then ensure the planting bed is free of water-holding depressions or other areas that don’t conform to the desired finished grade.
Q: Is time of year an important factor for establishing a lawn?
A: Turfgrass sod can be installed at any time according to most growers, and this would include placing it on frozen ground, if the sod is available.
Q: I know what grass seed is, but precisely, what is sod?
A: Turfgrass sod is a strip of mature grass, cultivated from seed or sprigs/stolons by a sod producer for up to 2 years. The strip will consist of mature grass, its actively growing roots, a very thin layer of soil and some thatch. Usually quoted in sizes of square feet or yards, a common size strip would be 18-inches wide and 6-feet long, equal to 1-square yard. The strip may be folded or rolled in longer pieces or sold flat in short pieces. Once harvested on the farm, it will require transplanting in 12-48 hours, depending on heat and humidity, before the quality begins to deteriorate.
Q: How quickly can an active family use a new lawn?
A: Sod will look like a mature lawn the day it’s installed, but it too needs some establishment time, usually a week or 2. Once the sod pieces are thoroughly rooted into the existing soil, it’s ready for regular use.